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Smartphone Access & functionality within a CAA or SCIF

Tactus provides 100% smartphone usage in secured spaces, including emergency calls.

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Tactus Models

Tactus 1000

Works with iPhone 15 and Samsung DEX enabled phone

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**Legacy support for older models is in development.

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Tactus has an isolated and dedicated communication system and does not operate on government IT infrastructure.

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Tactus is manufactured in the USA and conforms to all CNSS, ITAR, DPAS, and ASS553 standards.

Tactus benefits

Increased Business Productivity and Collaboration -

Tactus mirrors 100 percent of smartphone functionality in a SCIF.

Lowered Total Cost of Ownership -

Tactus has no software on the desk set.

No ongoing license fees, maintenance, updates or patches.

NOT an Enterprise Solution -

Enterprise solutions require IT staffing, hardware, software development, patching and upgrades, backup and recovery, and agency program office management. Tactus is 100% free of these requirements!

Enhanced Security Controls -

Tactus' patent-pending technology allows for product use in SCIFs, meeting all USG security requirements for isolation and positive disconnects.

Improved Urgent Communication -

Customers informed us that many desks in SCIFs do not have non-secure phones. Tactus allows personnel to receive and send urgent phone calls and text messages.

Greater Employee Retention and Recruitment -

Highly qualified candidates often decline employment when work is required in SCIFs because they are separated from their smartphones.

Tactus aids in the success of DoD’s and federal agency’s 3R Program: Recruitment, Relocation & Retention. Clients have informed us that candidates often decline employment when work is required in SCIFs because they are separated from their smartphones.

What we’re Hearing

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When 9/11 happened, I was in a SCIF, and I didn’t find out about it for hours. With Tactus, I could be reached in an emergency.

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I’ve been in embassies around the world and seen ambassadors and diplomats in the hallways away from their desks and waiting for calls.

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